Dis guy man wey bin be militant leader, Asari Dokubo, don use him mouth scatter BUHARI for him new attack.

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Dokubo, for him new video him post for social, don talk say BUHARI government get lie as dia new name and nothing good fit come out from dia mouth

Dis person wey bin be militant leader don talk say, hooohaa!

” Everything about BUHARI be lie and nothing wey resemble truth dey him dey him mouth “

Dokubo don react for di reinstatement and disengagement of person wey bin be Pension boss, Abdulrasheed Maina.

Him talk again say,

“Wen di judgement of God go come, e nogo get part two on top BUHARI and di spirit go disgrace di people wey dey claim wetin dem no be. Dis one na Buhari matta today.


“Buhari fly with anti-corruption wings like birds wey want eat person rice, and come land gbam for runaway falsehood.

“Nobody for dis earth dey lie like dis thief wey be BUHARI. In short, in fact, him DNA dey show lies and everything for him life be lie lie ”


“Any person wey God wan destroy, him go first make di person dey mad. If not, how BUHARI go go carry Maina wey steal millions wey our papa get and our grand papa pension funds come keep for higher level?

“Maina family don talk say, BUHARI bring am, make him join change agenda. Dis kind change agenda be change agenda for liers”

Maina don run as e dey now for di N2.1 billion fraud wey him steal from office.


  1. Nigeria don enter the time where every wise youth go decide say I no go vote for a y body so make de dead buried their death and before this time don talk say due victory of buhari name they beginning of sorry in Nigeria


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