Dey don flog Cristiano Ronaldo push am comot from d post of d highest paid celebrity for Europe as d author of Harry Potter wey be J.K. Rowling don take over as d highest paid celebrity for Europe.

As Forbes take yan am, Ronaldo wey be Real Madrid star, as at now dey collect $93Million and na so J.K Rowling take pass am with $2Million as him dey earn $95Million.

Cristiano Ronaldo, dey among d other two European footballers, Gareth Bale and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, wey make am reach d top 20. Bale dey collect $34Million, den Ibrahimovic still dey maintain him $32Million. Other people wey follow make am na musicians.

See d list of dose ones wey makd am reach dis year 2017 highest paid celebrities for  Europe.
1. J.K Rowling $95m

2. Cristiano Ronaldo $93m

3. Coldplay $88m

4. Adele $69m

5. Roger Federer $64m

6. Elton John $60m

7. Gordon Ramsey $60m

8. Paul McCartney $54m

9. Rory McIlroy $50m

10. Calvin Harris $48m

11. Lewis Hamilton $46m

12. Simon Cowell $43.5m

13. Tiesto $39m

14. Sebastian Vettel $38.5m

15. Novak Djokovic $37.6m

16. Ed Sheeran $37m

17. Fernando Alonso $36m

18. Gareth Bale $34m

19. Conor McGregor $34m

20. Zlatan Ibrahimovic $32mm



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