People wey dey live for Abua Street for Calabar, Cross River State, on Friday don demolish one church for dia.

Dem still beat d pastor in charge of d church well before him manage run comot.

Why dem do dis kind tin na unto say d church na branch of another one wey dey along Atamunu Street, and dem discover say dem dey involved for d kidnapping of children for ritual purposes.

Dem bin don already arrest d General Overseer of d church, wey dey head d Atamunu branch with some other people, over d murder of a one year old baby, wey dem believe say dem use am do ritual. Dey bin ransack Atamunu church on Thursday and dem find small baby heart with many other juju things inside.

When The Nation visit d Abua Street branch yesterday, d people for dat side bin dey scatter d building. Dem find used sanitary pads, bras, pants and plenty other tjings wey women dey use, with many pictures of young men.

D angry people burn every item wey dem find for d church.

One of dem, wey talk say him name na David, talk say; 

“Dese people na just juju people wey dey pretend, use church cover up. If dey put signpost as native doctors, nobody go gree go na, na why dem make am look like church. 

I believe say na women bin dey go dia pass and dem bin dey give assignments unto say dem dey find husbands. 

You go see say na true unto d many pictures of young men wey dem find for dia. Most of dose young men no even know say dia pictures dey dia and dem bin don tie dem down for somewhere. 

Na only God know if dey never tell any of dem to use d soaked pads to cook for d men  wey dem want to marry dem. 

Plenty stupid tins dey happen and i wish say dem go soon do something to check wetin dese churches dem dey do.”

Even some people wey dey live dia dey pack wood, and zinc and other tins wey dem comot from d demolished building for dia own use.




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