California officials don talk on Wednesday say, dem wan put new order wey go make dia people dey use motor wey no get driver dem dey call for English, “Automobile”

Dem talk say na revised edition wey go start 2018,as dem no wsnt di one wey people dey drive to  dey for dia State.

Dem use supervising auto technology replace di performance dynamic driving task language.

Di california Department for Motor Vehicle, talk for dia statement say, dem do am, so dat e go remove wetin e need wey go make di technology development dey unnecessary, as dem wan provide wetin go make people dey use remote dey control am.

Di new rule and order na based on di way technology companies and automakers dey test self driving vehicles and dey follow new guidelines or principles or ways, from dia Federal government as dem wan use am make technology dey plenty for dia Country for road safety and dey reduce accident.

Dia State Transport Secretary, Brain Kelly, talk say,

“We dey happy as we det take next step for di technology wey go dey save person life for road wey dey california ”

DMV director, Jean Shiomoto, talk say dia agency dey hope to finalize regulations wey dem go use dey control di Vehicles wen dis year wan end, and 42-companies get permits wey dem go use dey test di autonomous vehicles for dia State.

Him yan say,

“Di department dey look forward to see di companies and other Companies wey go advance for di new regulations wey dem don put”

But di matta be say, John Simpson for Activist group Consumer Watchdog, talk say, di rule wey dem wan give go allow tech and auto Companies to do anything wey dem wan do, as dem  dey use dia roads as dia private laboratories and as e dey threaten highway safety.

Dia State agency don talk say, any autonomous vehicle go meet Federal safety standards first, before dem operate.

But, Simpson don come talk say, dem suppose get protection from di absence wey dey for strict regulations wey dem apply for autonomous cars  from california government.



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