Cameroon Government never know di person or people wey kill dia four soldiers, as dem still dey investigate.

Di tori be say. People wey dem no know don kill dia four soldiers for south-west town wey dey Mamfe. Based on wetin AFP tori people report.

Nobody know who kill di soldiers, but one government source wey speak to AFP say na around 2am for early morning, dem kill dem.

Dis one don make di soldiers wey dey for English-speaking regions for dis month of November to dey eight.

But, dia Government don accuse di people wey wan breakout for di English-speaking regions wey dey ginger for independence say na dem dey kill security people for di area.

Wahala dey for di Anglophone region for Cameroon as people for dis regions wey be minority, dey accuse di French speaking parts wey big pass dem, say dem no dey let better things reach dia side.

Dem bin do one ‘symbolic’ independence for 1 October, and since dat time, di wahala for di region don high well-well wey even make government to put curfew for Bamenda and Buea regions of di country.


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