Dis one na car wey get thorium-powered engine wey fit run 100 years and you no fit put fuel again.

Dis car na  company wey dey answer  Laser Power Systems produce am.

Based on say cars normally dey burn out long before di chemical go start dey burn, dis company come study am and create dis one wey get engine wey thorium dey power .

Di people wey produce am use radioactive element do di beam of laser wey dey heat WATER, and dey make am dey produce steam and dey make am dey power energy wey dey generate turbine .

Thorium dey among di densest materials wey dey for dis world . Small  tiny bit of thorium go produce di energy wey dey 20 million times larger Dan di  same amount wey  coal fit  produce, wey make am great alternative energy source.

Dis one dey good for fuel scarcity wey dey  Nigeria.


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