People wey dey make law for Catalonia, wey be dia lawmakers don declare dia independence as dem vote on Friday to break out from Spain. But Madrid talk say, dem no gree as dem go make sure say, dem destroy dia plan. .

Catalonian people wey plenty for outside Catalonian parliament wey dey Barcelona don vote for dia independence to declare dia Catalonian state as Republic.

Person wey be Spain Prime Minister,  Mariano Rajoy don reply dem immediately, and tell di spainards ti keep calm for now.

Dem talk say,

“Di rule wey dey law go make legality return to Catalonia. Na wetin him write for him twitter.

Even as Spain ddey talk say, Catalona nogo breakout, Catalona cum hold ballot and dem no get fear for wetin Spain dey talk and decide say, na going be dia last name.

70% vote for dia independence and 10% vote against, for di ballot dem do for dia Republic declaration.

Dis one na dark day for spain and people wey dey against Spain as all of dem carry dia faces wey get shame dey waka comot for di parliament.

But people wey wait be people wey dey support Catalonian independence as dem sing dia national anthem and hug demselves and clap, jump drink dance and sing dey comot with happiness.

Before di ballot, Roy talk say, make dem give him power to dismiss Catalonian Leader, Carles Puigdemont wey be him deputy and other people, but e no work.

If Dem approve am, e go be rein wey rebel people dey do, as e dey for dia article 155 for Spain constitution

Carles Puigdemont bin remove him hand for dia parliament new election wey go make Madrid no attack dem, before di election.

Wetin him do be say him live di region leader to do wetin him want and make him no di results for di takeover dem wan do before.

For referendum Catalonian people do before, 80% say “yes”, dem wan go, and 7% say No.


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