Person wey be catalan speaker, Carme Forcadell don land for Spain supreme Court on Thursday based on her hand for di independence dem announce.

Di matta be say, e be like say di Spain judge dey try arrest dis woman based on wetin dem talk say she follow do sedition, rebel against Spain government, and di way dem carry public money do plenty things wey dey against Spain government principles and di vote dem do to breakout from Spain.

Dis catalan people bin declare dia independence on 1st October and Spain come use dia constitution stop am say, e nogo hapun for dia life and dem devolve Catalona parliament come carry power give Madrid.

One judge for Madrid don give order say, make dem put di Catalan leaders wey dey eight for prison based on say dem wan to break Catalona out from Spain, and di matta be crime wey get 30-years prison charge.

Catalonia, be region wey get 7.5 million people wey dey make Spain dey get GDP well well.

Di matta bin start wen catalan people talk say time don reach wey dem go divide to get dia own Country. But di matta be say, European government no wan support dia independence and dey fight dem with dia blood to stop catalan plan to break out.

Di Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont don run go Belgium based on say, him no wan make Spain use dia evil mind on top di independence matta arrest am. Na wetin make am run go Belgium go submit himself to dia police.



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