Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont don appear for court for Belgium on Friday for hearing wey dem go decide whether him go go back him country wey be Spain or him go dey dia country based on say him dey lead catalan people wey wan breakout from Spain, and don announce dia independence.

Madrid don give Brussels arrest warrant on top catalan leader and him four ministers wey run go Belgium as Spain wan arrest dem for di independence dem dey ask based on say, Spain nogo use good mine judge di matta.

One judge for Brussels go hear di matta today for close door, from prosecutors wey dey for di matta and lawyers for di Catalan separatists on top di matta, as Spain write letter give Brussels say make dem send dem back to dem. Dem talk am wen dem get war inside court and di two parties dey also plan to submit another case if dem lose.

Dis matta go make Puigdemont and him guys dey for Belgium wen Catalona go do dia new election on December 21 for an election wey Madrid don give order on top di region wey get resources well well wey be Catalonia.

Michele Hirsch wey be lawyer for two catalan leaders, talk am say,

“We go tell Belgian judge make im respect fundamental EU rights,” l

“Matter wey concern referendum no concern criminal law. E dey clear say na opinions wey person get for any politics and peace. Wetin dem dey do na event wey dem dey use dey talk dia mind. ,” Na wetin she talk.

Puigdemont P.A, tell journalists say Puigdemont land for Justice Palace wey dey Brussels before him go go for him hearing for court, by 2:00 to 3:00.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel don meet Prime minister for spain, Mariano Rajoy for Gothenburg Sweden and dem no go EU summit on Friday for Gothenburg, Sweden and dem talk about EU matta and matta wey no even concern Catalonia.

On Thursday night Puigdemont go party for one politician house wey be Flemish separatist N-VA party.



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