Catalonia bin sleep last night dem announce dia independence and dem no know say, Madrid don carry dem go keep for dia control bed.

You dey surprise? 

Make we tell you wetin hapun. 

Di matta be say, after catalan law makers vote say dem go announce dia independence, dem go sleep for di happiness wey dem get from di votes wey make dem get 70%, and dem no know say, Madrid don take over control as person wey be Spain prime minister take decision to stop di people wey wan break out. Di prime minister don devolve dia region leaders and dia Parliament after dem declare independence.

For di political wahala wey dey disturb for Europe and dey send shockwaves though Spain, Mariano Rajoy decide to call snap Catalan election on December 21,wey go make am make di region dey calm.

People eyes don dey enter for di matta dis weekend for di executives for Catalonia people wey wan breakout, whether dem go accept comot from office or whether dem nogo gree comot, as di people wey dey support dem for di independence don give threat to shut Spain down with strike and protest against di takeover from Madrid.

Catalan people don plan protest on Saturday for spain Capital based on di independence dem declare on Friday, as people dey talk say e no get law wey dey back am up-dia independence.


Dis Catalonia people don celebrate di motion for di vote wey dia parliament do to announce dia independence wey dem get 70%,against 10%,for 135 seats wey dey for dia parliament house for Barcelona.

People wey dey demonstrate don clap, shout dance and hug each other as dia MPs, give demselves handshake wen dem announce di results for di ballot dem do.

But other people don talk talk say, di vote dey illegal.

Josep Reina w34-year,don talk say, dis people dey forget people wey be di majority.

Di matta be say, di plan wey Madrid dey do to take over catalan power, go cause wahala for di region wey dey 7.5 million people wey dey enjoy autonomy, and dey control dia education, hospitals and dia police.

Dis one be di first time dia Federal government dey stop dia autonomy since di time wey dictator Francisco Franco dey office from 1939-75.

Independence supporters don give warning say, dem nogo allow di Article 155 for di constitution, wey dem wan use control catalan for dis time.

Dem talk say,

“We nogo accept Rajoy  authoritarianism nor him 155 article ” Na so dem write am for Twitter.

Di protest dem go do, go be strike, street protest, as dem bin do am on 1st October wen Spain police beat dem for dia referendum ground.


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