Di chimpanzee wey dey  scarce  for di whole world, don show face for camera wey dem put for one Gashaka Gumti National Park for Nigeria.

Dem put dis Cameras  to monitor animals wey dey  di park and dem come talk to  capture di Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee for one area wey dey border of di two countries and dis one don give hope say chance dey for di animal to survive.

Di park na national treasure, but di wildlife dey under threat from people wey wan hunt and capture di animals carry go sell.

Some People  from Chester Zoo for UK, wey dey work with di Nigeria National Park Service, also see for dia camera one other animal – giant pangolin.

Stuart Nixon, di Africa Field Programme Co-ordinator for Chester Zoo say dem happy well-well di camera wey dem put everywhere don show say dis place for Nigeria wey pipo don forget, still get plenty and important things for Nigeria and Africa in general.


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