Pope Francis don talk say, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism na di same thing, and no one dey good pass di other.

For him address, Vicar of Christ deny say nothing dey like Islamic terrorism, and talk am again say “di ecological crisis dey real.”

Him talk am say,

“Christian terrorists no exist, Judaism terrorists no exists and no one go talk say Islamic terrorists exist. Dem no exist at all. 

Francis talk dis one for di world meeting wey populist movements do.

Wetin him suppose say be “nobi all Christians be terrorists, and nobi all Muslims be terrorists– wey everyone know, but di words wey him use mean say di hundreds Islamic terror groups wey dey for dis world be father Christmas people or Catholic fathers and sisters for him convent.

As him no talk about ISIS, di Muslim Brotherhood, and terrorists based on say him wan make dem happy based on political correct matter nogo bring any good results .

“No person be be criminal or drug trafficking or violent person “na wetiwetin dis man talk” 

Him talk say, make people no deycall person terrorist based on him religion say na di time dem dey do economic matter be di time dem go talk dat one, based on say na economy matter dey cause am.


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