D actor, wey been be d governor for California, wey act, Cimmando,, terminator, desperado, etc, don dey lie for Street, for California.

Him write with pain, tok sey:

“Why i write dis thing, nobi sey, i don dey old, but sey, d governor for California now, Open Hotel with my statue, wey i lie under am now.  D officers wey dey work for d hotel,tell me sey, anytime wey i wan kom sleep for d hotel, sey, dem go keep room wey go carry my name”. 

“As i no dey government again, kom kom d hotel, make i rest small, d hotel officers, wey promise me sey, dem go keep one room with my name, tell me sey, people don get d rooms wey dey for d hotel”, but, d real truth wey dey for d mata, be sey, dem no wan give me room”. 

As d person wey gather d tori, Miss Shinning Queen, yan am, Arnold kom carry him bedshit, cover himself under him statue, for d hotel.

Him wan tell people sey, wen him dey government, people dey praise am, but now, wey dem don comot am for government, everyone don forget am, as even d people wey promise am room, wen him dey government , refuse to fulfil dem promise.

Him kom sey :

“Make you know believe or trust your power or position, wey you dey, or your intelligence or wetin you think you sabi, sey, dem nogo last, wen we die “. 


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