Constitutional provisions for defection – Falana(SAN)

Falana wey be Senior Advocate of Nigeria, don yan wetin constitution dey talk on top defection.

Dis one dey follow wetin dey hapun between APC and Sen. Bukola Saraki wey be Senate President, as APC dey para say, Saraki must comot from office.

Falana come yan say, “LPELR 22633 be case wey one House of Representative man decamp from LP to AC, where court state am say, person go decamp go another party if di party get Walhalla.

Another one be Atiku Abubakar Vs Attorney General of Federation, 2007,4SC (Part II), 62.

Supreme Court yan for di mata say, before person go carry position from another party go join another party, e go be say di party get Division, Fractionalization and fragmentation mata.

Him come yan say, make everybody use him sense for dis defection culture.


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