Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte, don carry pepper go add ontop d imm beef wey him get with Mourinho yesterday when imm shun am, no gree shake am after dia match together wey dem win 1-0.

Conte and Mourinho don dey get small small kwanta dis season and dis week, Conte talk sey na miracle wey dem use win league last season unto d mess wey Mourinho binbdon create for d club.

Mourinho wey be sey Chelsea don sack two times even though imm don win d title 3 times for dem bin vex Conte when imm tell am sey hin too dey complain about injuries dis season. Conte kon respond to am tell am sey make hin no dey talk bout hin former club and after Morata score d winner for d 55th minute wey kon mean sey Mourinho don lose for d 3 straight times imm come Stamford Bridge.
Conte bin run enter field go celebrate with him players and fans dem instead of am to dey for touchline to take shake hands with Mourinho wey bin even dey dia dey greet other Chelsea coaching staffs.

When dem kon ask am about d incident imm talk sey na imm lack of respect for Mourinho make am do so, sey hin no important. Him say d only tin wey dey important na to win game and sey u gats get d respect for inside d pitch no be outside d pitch.

Mourinho kon talk sey imm do everything for am to take shake Conte, sey him no go fit chase am enter field na sey imm shake hands with people wey him see and sey one of dem na hin assistant wey be en brother.



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