One Corper, wey be Yakubu, suleiman, don attack him Co-corper, Adina Josiah, with weapons, for Ondo corper.

Dis fight, na based on d quarrel, wey, Yakubu Suleiman, and Adina Josia, get, as dem fight, and Suleiman, kom get injury, for d fight.

D matta be sey,  NYSC, State coordinator, for Ondo state, Mr, Sunday Aroni, be d person, wey kom settle d matta, , today, and tell dem sey, make dem no fight again.

As d matta dey, Yakubu Suleiman, kom yan him anger, for him Social Media, sey, him dey vex, well well, as him no even report d matta to d NYSC, Management.

D State Coordinator, latter, kom know about d wahala, and kom call dem, and settle d wahala, after him ask dem d problems, wey cause everyone, with Christian Corpers fellowship, and Muslim Muslim Christians .

 NYSC director, kom give. Suleiman gift, based on sey, him no be dey person, wey cause d problem. 






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