Istanbul court don tell Turkey government on Monday , make dem release journalist, Kadri Gursel for controversial matta wey di guy and opposition Cumhuriyet newspaper people dey, as dem talk say, di other four journalists for di matta go still dey prison for di matta.

Di Judge wey give di order for dem to free di journalists talk say, Gursel be journalists wey Turkey people dey respect and na wetin make am free di man after 11-months him don dey for prison, but say, di other journalists wey follow am, go still dey face trial for court, based on matta wey concern terror group, na wetin AFP newspaper talk.

Di Judge don shift di matta go October 31.

Gursel be person wey don dey for di journalism work for 30-years, and as dem release am from Silivin jail, wey dey outside Istanbul on Monday night after dem do plenty legal things.

Gursel don talk say,

“I no get anything to celebrate based on say, my colleagues still dey prison for matta wey dey useless, and dem dey face unfair and matta wey no get base”

Him yan again say, him go dey write, even wen di journalism environment no dey friendly.

Gursel talk say,

“Make journalists dey push more dan dia limit, as im go make dem be journalists for real”


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