Naija custom People yesterday DON  seize 3 containers wey carry 140  different snakes & 660 other animals wey dem carry from Cameroon dey enter Naija.

Geckos, millipedes, hairy frogs and spiders follow for d other animals and these animals cost reach like N6.9m.

Dem carry all the yama yama animals dem for one Cameroun ship wey the name nah ‘MV Flesh’ and e follow the big water for Calabar enter National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) jetty wey still dey Calabar, Cross River State.

The Oga for Custom wey dey in charge for all those area and Akwa Ibom area, Nanbyen Burromvyat, talk sey due to the sharp eyes of him boys dem  dey able to catch dis people and also sey for Naija law we no dey allow all dis kind tins for our country sey even sef we get enough of all dose animals for here and sey all dis animals go dey bad for our people

Hin don also hand over d animals dem to d appropriate authorities  wey be Nigerian Quarantine Services for investigation.

Him also talk sey, dey don arrest Julius Novigana wey be the name of d person wey carry dis animals dem  enter our country.

Julius talk sey dem bin tell am make him deliver am give person for Naija. From wetin him talk him sey e get one of him friend wey give am the package for Cameroun sey make him give person for Lagos. Him talk sey nah just the man phone number him get,say him no know the man from anywhere and say him don callam to kon pick him property na him the man tell am say make him leave am say him go send person make him con carry am for Calabar for am.
From wetin him talk, him sey e no even know wetin bin dey inside oo sey him work nah just to deliver the package sey him no even know the name of the person wey dey Lagos.

Victor Agbor, the Oga for the ship wey be the captain follow talk sey him no know about am sey en seff no bin see am when en drive comot from Cameroun. Sey him ship name nah ‘MV flesh’ and sey nah only people dem den dey carry and dia load. Sey him only notice am when dey call am dey tell am sey dat particular load no bin dey for him list.


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