University of Uyo law students, yesterday, talk say, dia Dean for dia faculty, Dr, Aniedi Ikpang don give order say make dem no allow any student wey no be law student for University of Uyo, to enter di New law class rooms wey dem just renovate.

Di tori come up yesterday night as law students bin dey wake people from sleep and dey fight with people wey no be dia students last night and dey force dem to comot from dia class room.

One guy, wey be final year law student wey follow dey chase people comot di class room dey lock di door, Collins Okamadiri, talk say, true true, say di Dean for dia faculty talk am say, make dem no allow any person wey no be Law students to stay for di class read,

Him talk say, dem wan secure di class room well based on say, plenty students wey dey enter di class rooms don start dey spoil di New lights wey dem put for di classrooms, and also, dem dey Steal dia phones wen dem dey do night class.

Di tori carry am say, last night, law students for Faculty of law, University of Uyo, bin get wahala with other students wey no be law students, last night, as dem dey force dem to comot from dia classroom based on di other dia faculty Dean give dem.

One student wey no be law student, wey follow for di people dem pursue talk say, e dey bad as faculty of law and dia Dean dey cause wahala for school. Him talk say, why dem go dey ask other students to dey comot from dia halls, even as other law students dey follow go other halls wey no be dia own dey read?

Di matta be say, make school administration chook mouth for dis matta based on say, e fit cause cause wahala wey nogo dey small at all.

Wetin dey cause dis kind wahala be say, di school no get plenty class rooms wey go dey accommodate di departments we dem get and e don become big wahala for di school management wey dem suppose do something.


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