Person wey be UN Secretary, Antonio Guterre, don talk say make every country stop death sentence for Criminals as e no dey again for dis 21-CENTURY.

Him talk am on Tuesday say, e no get any root again for di life wey people dey live for 21-CENTURY.

Him tell member-States for United Nations wey still dey kill people wey commit crime, make dem stop am, and make dem join Countries wey don stop di death sentence, as e get risks wey dey for di miscarriage of di Justice wey get high price wey person go pay.

Him talk say,

“Death sentence be barbaric practice. Make Country wey still dey practice am, stop am now. 

Him talk am wen dem dey Mark 15th World Day, against death penalty.

“United Nations 193 members no dey do am again based on say e no get better effect for person wey commit crime. Last month, two Countries for Africa, Gambia and Madagascar don stop dia own death sentence “

” For 2016,death sentence down go down to 37%,but as e dey today, na only four Countries get di 87% death sentence wey dey now-Saudi Arabia, Iraq, China, Uran, and we dey tell dem say, make dem stop am now”

Di matta be say, United Nations wan remove anything we go make person wey commit crime to die again by death sentence based on say, e dey better to make person repent than to kill am like dat”


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