Iran don talk on Tuesday say, dem suppose try Israeli officials as war criminals on top di “brutal massacre” on Gazan protesters.

“Di killing on top di children, women and people of Palestine and Palestinian lands wey dem use force collect be di main strategy wey di Zionists get over di 70 years dem dey for di land,” na wetin foreign ministry talk talk person, Bahram Ghasemi for di ministry website.

Him kom call international community say, make dem take “immediate action” and try Israeli leaders as “war criminals for international courts”.

As e dey, 59 Palestinians die and plenty thousands get injury for di Israeli kasala on Monday as dem dey protest for di Gaza border against di opening of di new US embassy for Jerusalem.

“Di crimes wey di Zionists wey dey Palestine dey commit everytime be wetin cause di unsparing support of di US,” Ghasemi talk am.

Him accuse countries wey dey di region — wey be Saudi Arabia — for dia “treacherous compromise and undignified passivity” as dem no wan come out full full to support di protest against Israeli actions.

Parliament speaker, Ali Larijani talk say, US decision to move dia embassy to Jerusalem follow for wetin dem use no obey di international institutions, with di withdrawal from Paris climate treaty and Iran nuclear agreement.

“Dis thing don show say America wan destroy international institution of di United Nations,” na wetin him tell parliament on Tuesday.

US block UN resolution on Monday and dem call for international investigation into di Gaza killings.



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