As dem dey talk, Wonder no go ever end. Dis young artiste wey him name be Weflo, just last month bin dey everywhere for  social media after him scatter d red carpet of City People Awards as him enter d premises inside Limousine and him pack body guards full body.
D matter kon make plenty people dey question o, say where dis young guy get money to buy limousine, even when d A-list artistes for d event come with standard cars?

Dis dude shine wella for dat event sotey plenty of d media’s crew kon ignore some of d top stars to interview am, as him bin be d center of attraction with d glamour wey him carry enter d event.

But now, in a mysterious way, unto d pictures wey dey circulate for everywhere now, dey don see Weflo  somewhere for Lagos some hours ago as him dey hustle hard for onr building site with other bricklayers.

Dis one don pass we imagination. My mouth no fit talk am.

Wetin we go call dis kind thing?

Re: Artiste, Weflo Working As A Bricklayer? (Photos) by NEHLIVE1:42pm

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