Dem don sack two doctors wey dey work for one leading hospital for new Delhi for Indian city after dem declare new born twins dead wey be sey one of dem still dey alive.

D hospital don follow set up inquiry panel into d matter wey be sey two senior doctors from Indian medical association dey investigate d matter. D hospital authorities talk sey dem still dey look into d matter and sey dem jes decide to terminate d services of d two doctors wey dia name na Dr. A P Mehta and Dr Vishal Gupta wey dey involved for d case.

Na on November 30 wey d two doctors declare d 22 weak old premature baby dead wey make dem kon hand over d baby inside polythene bag give dia parents with imm still born twin brother.

Meanwhile Delhi police wey dey investigate d case don ask d hospital authorities sey make dem present theirselves for police station 

Dis one dey come after d parents of one seven year old wey bin die of dengue for Fortis hospital for gurugram bin collect bill of 1.6million INR ($24,602) jes for treatment.



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