Former President Olusegun Obasanjo don talk am say, him go commit suicide if Nigeria lose hope ,even as him don  give reasons why him  nogo  chose to keep quiet  when him don see things wey dey go wrong for dia country. Him talk say, based on say  him be  is  optimist wey people nogo cure for  Nigerian project, him go continue to talk and point out things wey dey go wrong based on say,  him still believes say Nigeria get great hope.

As him dey answer questions from students of  Ijaw National Academy(INA) Kaiama for di  school auditorium wey follow as part of di  activities for di two day working visit to Bayelsa, Obasanjo talk say, even for di economic and political challenges wey Nigeria dey face, Nigeria still get great hope .


Even as him talk say, e get better things wey we suppose do, him come talk say, make people no lose hope for Nigeria as e go bring doom on top Nigeria.

Him talk am say,

“If Nigeria no get  have hope I go find rope and commit suicide immediately basked on say,  na wetin  I dey  live for? I be real optimist in Nigeria. Nigeria get hope. E get many things we suppose Don do.We no get doubt about dat. But e no mean say, Nigeria no get hope.   See, hope dey drive person like car . Any person wey no get hope, no get life . Wetin go make me talk day Nigeria no get hope? . You asking me that question heightens my conviction that Nigeria has hope.  This country in spite of our difficulties, we have hope.

” If you lose hope, you go lose everything.Get Great hope based on say base on yourself, and her great hope based on say I nogo shut my mouth, as plenty things dey go wrong for Nigeria. “

Obasanjo wey  insist say  him  no get any single regret as military Head of State and civilian President talk say  him do everything as human   with resources, facilities and knowledge wey dey for him for him regime dat  material time.

“E get anything wey I no do dat time, with di resources I get?  I do plenty things and I dey perfect, nobi only God perfectly please. 


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