If you dey enter Instagram wella, you suppose dey familiar with one funny Instagram user, and na him get dis trend; “hello everyone, Lasisi is here and something just happened right now“  well, na d Instagram user, Lasisi Elenu start d trend.

Una suppose know say when him dey do him skits, him dey like use d popular Snapchat filter wey dey give person on funny look like dat, dey change d person voice, kon make d mouth very big.

Well, over time, as everybody kon dey know am based on IG, people don always dey wonder wetin him real face be like – and now, we don finally get chance to indirectly show him face.

According to Lasisi, him yan say him real face never give am any money before, so why hin go dey show am off? Yeah well, e still dey nice to know say no be robot dey do d skits… Na human being.

 kudos to him works!

See him photo here;



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