Di Senator wey bin win di best Senator for Nigeria, and dey represent  Kogi-West senatorial district, Dino Melaye, on Wednesday put don act another drama for dia plenary house as him dey beg for help for him people and state.

For di picture wey dey for dis tori for him Instagram page, him kneel down dey beg other people make dem help kogi people from wetin dem dey suffer.

Based on wetin him talk, people wey dey work for Kogi dey suffer well well and dem need help from person wey no dey for di state at all.

Last week, Dino Melaye and him friends bin buy food stuffs for dis teachers wey dey Kogi and before dat, one man already done kill himself based on say, him no receive 11-months salary.

Dis thing dey make person cry well well, as di change wey Broom party carry come na for dem to use Broom sweep people joy put for dustbin.


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