Di attempt wey dem do to recall di Senator wey dey represent Kogi West Senatorial District, Dino Melaye, don fail after di signature wey INEC verify to di petition for him recall fell well well after di requirements.

For di verification exercise to make Dino to comot from Senate , 50 percent plus one of di pipo wey sign  di petition suppose get verification from INEC .

As e dey now, di results wey Professor Ukertor Gabriel Moti, wey be Declaration Officer for di exercise announce, wey dem  do for senatorial district on Saturday, Di Tori yan am say, na only 18,742 for  189,870 pipo wey sign di petition for Dino recall do INEC verification.

Di pipo wey dem verify, get only 5.34 percent for di 351,146 wey register to vote for di Senatorial district.

After him announce di results, him declare say,  “I Professor Ukertor Gabriel Moti, dey affirm say, di information on top verification of signatures for di petition for di recall of Senator Dino David Melaye of Kogi West Senatorial District Don Hapun today, wey be  28th day of April 2018, and wey dem verify get only 5.34 percent for di  total number of pipo wey register for di constituency and e don satisfy di requirement of di law for referendum.”

Him talk say,  na him and two other agents sign di result of di petitioners and di agent of Senator Melaye.

People no come for di recall verification

Saturday verification exercise don come some months after di petition ontop Senator Melaye’s recall land for INEC based on di lawsuits wey Senator submit wey challenge  di petition.

Pipo wey sign di petition dey 189,870 wey mean say dem dey 54 percent wey dey represent Kogi people, and  351,146 wey register for senatorial district wey seven local government areas dey for am wen include Lokoja, wey be di state capital.

But di mata be say, when di exercise start, why end for 2pm, people no even near Di place, and e make di mata get setbacks.

But people wey come vote from di local government dey 710 instead of  9,173 on wey sign di petition.

Plenty people vote for Lokoja, wey get highest number of pipo wey sign di petition – 66,266. From di number, for 4,810 pipo wey do di verification, na only 3,763 Show.

Di true talk be say, if nobi say di verification no succeed, INEC for start dey do plenty plenty things to comot Dino from Senate.


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