Lagos Island Customary Court on Thursday bin separate the marriage between Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, with him wife, Emma as dem don dey get wahala everytime.

News Agency of Nigeria report say Emma, wey be teacher, on July 13, 2015 go meet d court make dem for help am dissolve d 14-year-old marriage between her and Emeka.

D Court President, Mr Awos Awosola, talk say from d evidence wey dey court, it dey obvious say nothing fit ever make dis marriage work again.

D court presido for him ruling talk say;

“Emeka don dey beg say him want reconcile with him wife but since him never make any effort unto d reconciliation.

“D marriage from now on don dey dissolved with effect from March 2, as we follow d Lagos State Customary Court Law, 2011; Order 3 Rule 7 as amended.

“Any party wey no dey satisfied with d judgment get right to appeal to any court of higher jurisdiction within 30 days from today.”

Awosola come say make dia four children dey with d husband and order am say d wife must get access to dem without any hindrance. 

Him talk say d N300 wey Emeka pay for Emma head as bride price, say she don return am give Emeka and beg d two of dem to maintain peace.

Emma, wey be mother of four children bin tell court earlier say her husband bin dey abuse am physically and verbally all through dia marriage.

She yan say; 

“My husband bin dey treat me like nobody and throughout dis divorce case, him no allow me access to my pikin, I bin no fit see dem.

“Him no dey allow dem to pick my call as him go dey change dia numbers.

“D last time I hear my first son voice na when him bin dey sick and dem bin wan do am surgery.

“Na my friend call me tell me say my pikin dey hospital. Na so I call Emeka, ask am where d hospital dey but him no gree tell me.

“Him no gree collect all d tins wey I buy for my pikin dem for Christmas from me.”

She come beg d court say make dem epp am end d marriage, den grant her free access to her children.

Emeka, bin don deny d allegations, say him no do dose kind tins o. Him come beg d court say make dem no separate dem based on say him still love him wife and him cherish am.

Him talk say d wahala for dia marriage bin start when she start to dey take money from d school wey him establish give am without him approval.


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