Person wey be Minister for Labour, Mr Chris Ngige don talk am say, Buhari don create jobs wey reach 7-million for Nigerian people.

Dis Minister don talk am, on Thursday as him dey talk with news people after him get meeting with Buhari for him office.

Him talk am say,
“We don create plenty jobs wey reach 7-million, but di matta be say people dey think we go create jobs wey people wey go school school go get and dem no chook eyes into blue collar jobs.

“Agriculture and Agric-chain don create job wey reach 5-7 million jobs.

Dis man dem deycall Mr Ngige, talk say, dem create dis job for Rice farms, Rice work, Harvesting, Rice Mills, and plenty things wey ear no fit hear. s

Him come talk say, na di value chain for Rice work wey create di 7-million jobs for Nigeria. My peopulu, see lie.

Him talk again say,
“We don create plenty job with N-power scheme and government agencies wey be National Directorate For Employment, NDE, don create another jobs through dia skill acquisition training. ”

Him talk say Nigerian government don help people to be, Plumbers, electricians, cosmetologists, shoe makers, and plenty things.

Dis Minister talk say him go state house, make him tell Buhari di kind of strike wey go dey for Nigeria and di one wey don dey for health sector based on say, government no fit do wetin dem dey promise di people wey dey work.

Di Minister talk say, him discuss di 58,000 minimum wage to Buhari but di matta be say government nogo do di thing now.
Him talk am say,
“Wen our government enter power for 2015, we get minimum wage and for May 2016, we come comot hand for petroleum industry and petrol product price come dey high wey make us discuss with labour people dat time “.

” Di one agreement wey we get with workers be say, we go address di matta. Di old minimum wage law don expire last year. As e dey now, we dey plan for new minimum wage committee people. We don clear our appointment with di president, as our Labour Governing Board go enter very soon, we go we go get date with Federal government based on say, we dey do our work with dem and di Federal, state, and private people wey dey do business.

One of di agreement na, whether dem go discuss di 58,000 minimum wage, but di Minister talk say,

“I no fit talk say, whether e dey possible, but we go chook mouth for di matta together and go know wetin we go do.

Dis man wey be Minister talk again say, di matta dey for exclusive list, for section 34 for Nigerian constitution wey mean say, na legislators fit talk am

Him talk say, government dey try make di matta to work very soon.

Him talk say, dia committee go give time wey dem go finish dia work for di matta wey concern di N58,000 minimum wage.


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