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Donald Trump Supporters Still Dey Loyal

Evidence wey dey well well dey show say people wey bin dey support Trump still dey loyal to him.

Two people for di three people wey dey support Trump  say America need president wey get mind to destroy every status quo, wey be wetin Trump dey do.

Di New survey wey di Public Religion Research Institute do, see say, 66 percent for Republicans wey di researchers talk say dem be “always Trump” accept say ” based on say, plenty things don spoil for our country, we need person wey go break rules, if na wetin e go take to correct dem right.”

Eighty-four percent Republicans approve di jobs wey president Trump dey do as dia president , and people wey pass 70 percent for white evangelicals follow dey support .

Sixty-three percent for Republicans say dem go support dia new president as GOP nominee for 2020 and 31 percent talk say dem go like to see GOP wey dey different next time.

For di whole matter, as e dey , Trump never expand him base. Di PRRI poll show say 41 percent for people wey vote  approve approve di jobs wey Trump dey do, and di pollsters say “historically low,” and 54 no accept .


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