Dr Sid and Simi bin marry August 2013 and dem get one daughter together. E never too tey, dem sight d two of dem for Femi Otedola daughter album music show case for October and just some days ago, dey carry dia pikin comot, even as dey don dey get plenty kwanta with diaself.

No be today dia kwanta start o. E even bad sotey Simi pack her things comot from him house plenty times.

For interview wey Sunday Spice bin do with Dr Sid for 2016, him bin talk say;

‘Up until two days before we marry, me and my wife bin dey quarrel and she even threaten me say she go pull out. But, our love for each other na imm dey keep us. As at now, our marriage dey autopilot and we just dey cruise because we understand ourselves well well’.

At d moment, Simi no dey wear her ring again and two of dem don unfollow diaself untop Instagram. She bin don also delete d wedding anniversary post wey she put ontop d Instagram for August along with all her wedding photos.

One source wey dey close to d yan say;

‘Dr Sid dey try really make everything work again but Simi don already make up her mind’.

‘Sid even make sure say him attend d Nickolodeon festival dis weekend wey pass so so him go fit spend time with him daugther but Simi bin dey give am stronghead all through’.

Na for Ikoyi Baptist Church, Lagos dem bin tie d knot dat year, for August 2014 with grand reception wey celebrities full for Oriental Hotels wey dey Lekki.



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