By Faithful Chiluru, (

Wetin dey make Men wey don dey old to dey insult dem selves like dis? Una don hear wetin man wey dey 42-years don do to one small orange wey dey primary school for Ebonyi state? 

Make we tell you wetin hapun my peopulu.

Di matta be say, One  42-year-old man don land for Family Law Centre wey dey Abakaliki based on say, give one 13-year-girl, Chinasa, for Ishieke community, Ebonyi Local Government Area of Ebonyi state belle.

Chinasa dey primary School wey dey Obobo, Ishieke. She don report say, dis old 42-year man wey no get shame, hide for bush one day as she dey go nkwo market, drag am enter di bush and rape am for there.

As di tori dey, di man don give am belle wey don reach 7-months now. Di doctor don check her body cum see say, she don get anaemia too.

Her mama wey report di matta, don carry di pikin go keep for di man house, make him take care of am till she born.

She don complain say, wetin make her to make di matta dey for public now be say, di man no wan follow di pikin go hospital we dey mile 4,for Abakaliki

Di girl wey carry di man go Court, don talk say, di man still dey wait to get baby from him first wife and she dey wonder why di man go dey dis wicked to her, based on say him first wife go give birth within next two months.

Person wey be di girl papa, Augustine, say, him don report di matta to dia village head and James no wan dey do wetin village head talk say, make him dey take care of di small girl.

Augustine, wey be carpenter, talk say, wetin make am make di matta to enter every ear wey dey village, be say, James accuse am say, him make di matta public. And him add for him talk say, James open him mouth tell am dat if Chinasa die, him go spend shikini money and di matta go die.

Hmm!  You see me see wahala oo! James don tell Court say, him never leave Chinasa at all. Him talk say, him wan marry Chinasa as him second wife wen she born

As him rule on di matta , person wey be Chairman for di Family Law Centre, Mrs Elizabeth Nwali, tell James say, him go bring N25,000 to hospital for medical care.

Di judge give order say,make James deposit N10,000 every month into her account wey she go use dey take care of herself .


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