Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Oga Ibrahim Magu dey cause kasala for social media unto say him wear one badge wey show President Buhari for one television interview wey channels do.

Dis morning, Magu show for one interview ontop Daily Sunrise program for Channels TV wia e be like say him put for him chest, badge wey dem do for President Muhammadu Buhari second term campaign.

Trust social media pipo, wetin hapun dis morning don already spread for internet as many pipo dey vex and dey shout say wetin Magu do no dey pure based on say him na public servant and him no suppose dey do partiality.

For di interview Magu say Nigerians must join hand to fight corruption, and say EFCC go need to “educate Nigerians say corruption dey wrong based on say some pipo no even believe say e dey wrong”.

Magu talk for di interview say him no be politician.

Wen President Buhari enter office for May 2015, him talk say “if Nigeria no kill corruption, corruption go kill Nigeria”.

10 months after him enta office, President Buhari appoint Ibrahim Magu for February 2016 to be acting EFCC chairman.

EFCC oga time come expire as acting chairman for 2017 after him take ova from Farida Waziri but e no comot office.

Presido Buhari and di senators begin do ‘I no send you, you no send us’ on top weda to appoint Magu again or not.

Even wen senate reject him reappointment, Buhari still appoint Magu again as Acting chiarmo of EFCC.


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