Plenty people no dey tink how blood dey take circulate for dia body at all. Even when dem get symptoms of poor blood circulation like numbness for dia legs and hands, cold hands and feet, fatigue and swollen feet or fingers.

All dese symptoms fit lead to more serious problems like cardiovascular disease and stroke. 

Luck don shine for una sha as e get things wey you fit start to do today wey go improve circulation. 

But if you no fit avoid d habits wey dey cause poor blood circulation, no need to make dese changes den.

Dese habits na: Heavy alcohol drinking, tobacco smoking, poor diet, inactivity, stop to dey take high caffeine.

 D things wey you fit do make your blood for flow well for everywhere for your body na:

Dey Get good massage
Massage dey create pressure wey dey force blood to flow for places wey don dey congested. Dis pressure dey follow allow easy flow of new blood to different body parts of d body. You fit dey get better massage several times a week if you experience d symptoms of poor blood circulation wey I mention for up.

Dey put herbs for your food

Some herbs dey good for blood circulation. Dem dey help to strengthen d blood vessels and help to loosen d arteries. 

Research show say gingko biloba and cayenne pepper dey improve circulation. Cayenne pepper dey strengthen d blood vessels, kon timulate d heart while gingko biloba dey EPP improve blood flow wey dey improve memory. 

Other helpful herbs na garlic, ginger, bilberry and parsley.

Keep your legs for up

E dey hard for blood to flow from d leg to d heart since na from up e suppose dey flow. In fact, dis na d main reason poor blood circulation dey always affect d legs. Dey carry your legs so blood go fit flow. Lift d legs above your heart level and keep dem like dat for 20 minutes.

Dey do exercise everyday

Plenty research show say exercise dey epp improve blood circulation. Even simple exercise like walking, climbing stairs fit epp. 

Reduce d way you dey take salt 

Research show say when person take plenty salt, e fit cause poor blood circulation. Dis one put fear for my body sef based on say most people dey consume average of 3.4 grammes of salt per day. Wey dey higher dan d recommended 2.3 grammes per day. If you avoid canned food, kom dey read food labels before you take am, fit help to reduce salt for your food

No wear clothes wey tight tey

Skinny jeans fit cut off blood circulation to your legs. In fact, dem hospitalise one woman for four days just because she squat wen she wear skinny jeans. But, clothes like compression socks fit improve blood circulation for d legs.

Drink plenty water

I no suppose tell you say water good for d body as you suppose know already. So try to dey drink two litres of water everyday.

Put nuts for your food

 Nuts get enough vitamins and minerals wey fit improve blood circulation. According to dis study, raw almonds and walnuts dey boost blood circulation. Nuts follow get great source of healthy fats. But eat dem moderately if you wan lose weight.


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