Di person wey bin be Vice president for Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar don join di #EndSARS now, as him go to him Facebook and write am say, “

” Di kind harassment wey SARS dey give Nigerian Youths now no dey good at all, even as dem suppose to dey protect dis people “. 

” Everyday, we go dey tell our pikins say make dem get work. To buy laptop wey dem dey use dey do work dey eat suppose not to dey bring harassment on top dis good Youths, and we suppose know say di laptop wey dem dey buy suppose not be di wahala at all. “

” I thank dem well well di way wey dem dey do di protest for social media as e go help di Inspector General of police to do something for di #EndSARS now “. 

” I dey also dey call House of Representatives people say make dem put mouth for di matter now before e go cause  wahala “

Di matter be say, SARS people dey do anyhow now and no dey respect people again.

NigerianYouths, based on di matter don start protest for social media with hasgtag wey be #EndSARS now. 



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