The former Ebonyi Commissioner for Border,Peace and Conflict Resolution, Mr Donatus Ezeogo Aja, known as ZENTUS, has allegedly disrupted the crusade programme held by Amankwo Amaobolo Christian Fellowship,(AACF) at Amankwo ,in Afikpo North Local Government,Ebonyi state.

According to the organizers of the programme,represented by, Pastor Emmanuel  Nwachukwu,he said that Mr Aja drove into the Amankwo community and passed the crusade ground,stopped,walked to the crusade and pulled down all the erected canopies and broke all the bulbs hung around the crusade ground ,which would have been used to light up the crusade environment at night

We were getting the stage set, when the former Commissioner for Border,Peace and Conflict Revolution in Ebonyi state, Mr Donatus Ezeogo Aja,drove in with his car and stopped,walked to the places we erected our crusade equipment, and pulled them down even broke our bulbs”

When the AACF asked him why he is destroying the properties without using peaceful means as someone that has been the Commissioner for peace and Conflict Resolution,he said that there is no space for such.

“He said that we should not do any programme there, that there is no space for such ,and that the space is not large enough to carry out crusade programme “.

Pastor Emmanuel Nwachukwu further asked him,

” But didn’t  you pass with your car and and there was enough space that accommodated you ?”

According to the story, Immediately Mr Aja,who is the former Commissioner, further made move to pull down more equipment, Mr,Egwu Ekuma,who is an elder in the village met him and said to him,“Why won’t you allow them to do their christian programme”, Mr,Aja punched him on his mouth.

Presently now,Mr Aja has reported the case to Afikpo Police Division, claiming that when he wanted to dismantle the crusade equipment, that the Amankwo Amaobolo Christian Fellowship assaulted him and disgraced him.

Meanwhile, Mr Donatus Aja also known as Zentus did not give them pre-information before they erected the equipment, and the main fact is that the crusade ground belongs to the government of Nigeria, and not Mr Aja’s Land and property.

According to Mr Egwu Ekuma,who spoke on the issue at Afikpo Police Division,to counter the statements Mr Aja made,he said that immediately he met ZENTUS for him to allow the AACF to carry out their crusade programme, Mr Aja punched him on his mouth,which newsinpidgin verified to be true.

Presently now,The police DCO, and IPO of Afikpo Police Division in Ebonyi State,are incharge of the matter which the update will be made available shortly.


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