The Etisalat Number wey you dey call now , dey for 9mobile network

Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited (EMTS), Wey been dey use Etisalat Nigeria dey use do business , on Tuesday don confirm say dem go use 9mobile dey use do business now.

We been don report online say on friday say the new name don ready and say dem go officially bring am come out on wednesday wey be today.

Dem been give the company 3 weeks make dem stop to dey use Etisalat Brand name, after dem top investors Mubadala of UAE , been comot for our country.


As dia new Oga Kpatakpata, Boye Olusanya talk on Tuesday say the new name wey dem bring dey represent dia first time heritage wey be 0809ja and e dey represent dia 9 years wey dem don operate for Nigeria.

Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited (EMTS), Wey been dey use Etisalat Nigeria dey do business , don talk sey dem wan tell all dia subscribers wey reach pass 20 million, government agencies and every stakeholders , say the company don change name , dey answer 9Mobile now to show say dem stand gidigba to make sure sure business continue for Nigeria as dem be number 4 big company wey dey give telecom service

him come still talk say dia new business  9mobile say e represent dia 0809ja heritage, our 9ja centricity and dia evolution for 9 years dem don operate for this country, Even self we dey stand base on the values wey been take start our company.

We still carry a very resilient Nigerian Spirit for our body, wey dey make us relate with our customers and we dey confident say, you wey be our customer go continue to dey believe our new brand, wey reflect our youthfulness and creativity

Him come still talk say this brand na testament to dia dynamism, responsiveness and ginger as business wey dem be, we go use power of technology to give products and services wey make sense wey go meet wetin you need, We get confidence for our ability say we fit make this happen, and the ginger dey come from our determination, commitment and passion for our people , say we fit do pass and to dey continue to dey deliver service wey make sense.

Olusanya don ask all dia customers wey dey the network say make dem dey patient as dem dey move go dia new brand.

“To make sure say we deliver the new name correctly , we go steps do the migration in the next few month, say as we go through this migration, we dey ask make you our subscribers dey patient with us and we dey assure you say we go remain company wey go hear you when you talk, we go continue to dey bring new things, dey support and empower you to do more, whether you be business person or normal person.

To all the people wey dey do business with us, as you take believe us , e dey ginger us to dey do more, we go still dey work together to make sure say we go both benefit, and for our Stakeholders, we dey Thank you for the faith wey you get for us.







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