Facebook Don Bring out dia messenger application wey dem go dey use dey send messages as dia parents go dey check check wetin dem dey do through di application.

Messenger kids don dey for Apple iOS mobile devices for United States as dem dey test am as standalone video chat and messaging app.

Person wey be dia Product manager Loren Cheng talk say, di social network leader dey give Messenger Kids based on say “E dey good well well as need dey say, children suppose dey connect with dia parents and people wey dem love as dia papa and mama go dey check check wetin dem dey do with am .”

Facebook talk say, dis new app, wey no get ads or in-app purchases na for 6- to 12-year-pikins. E dey allow parents dey control dia contact list and no dey allow pikins connect with any person wey dia parents no approve .

Facebook do dis thing based on say, children dey enter Facebook anyhow now without safeguard.

Dem talk say,

“Plenty people be our parents by ourselves, and we come dey notice say our children dey enter Facebook early for morning before we enter “na wetin one parent talk.

Di tori be say, dem don do study come know say, 93% pikins for US get tablet demselves and dey use am dey enter Facebook anyhow.

Facebook talk again say, 

“We wan make sure say di experience wey our pikins dey get from technology be better one and dey teach our pikins how dem go dey use technology dey help dia life “.

Facebook believe say,na children from 13 years suppose dey follow adults dey open real Facebook but say, dem also get policy dem go follow.

Cheng talk say, Facebook do dia own research and work with advisors wey pass 12 wen dem dey develop di application.

She talk say dem nogo use any data from children dey do any advertising profile wey dey for dia Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA).





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