Facebook Don Create Guide Wey Go Protect and improve safety for Muslims (even Muslim extremists) online, as dem dey try to fight Islamophobia, racism (what ‘race’ is Islam?), and hate speech wey dey on top di community. (But dem no get anything wey go  protect humanity from Christophobic, Jewophobic, homophobic, mysogynist and Islamic supremacist Muslims on Facebook)

iNews (h/t Marvin W) to keep Muslims Safe Online: To dey track Hate and Bigotry be  non-theological consultancy Faith Associates, on top partnership and dem do am to give Muslim people power for Facebook”, Simon Milner, Head for Policy UK for Facebook talk am .

Di tori be say, dem go launch am for dia parliament , where dem go invite MPs to speak to Imams from their constituencies on top di issues wey Muslim  communities dey face.

Far -right groups and Dae’sh recruiters dey target Muslim and dey seek  radicalise through social media channels, na wetin di guide talk.

Guide carry di tori wey be,

“If you see any person wey dey share Daesh content wey dey inspire person and dey encourage people make dem join extremist groups, report them and share di post we go show di Islamic post wey dey show Islamic message for peace, Mercy and say dem dey tolerate people .

But di true talk be say, Islamic religion be bad thing wey person go put him head into. Dis people dey against God and dey preach hate on top Christians and Jews, and no get better mind for people wey be Muslim people.

SOURCE: www.jewsnews.co.il


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