Facebook on Friday don comot one tool like that this week wey go epp Kenyan people to spot fake news ahead of dia presidential election wey don cause gbege online already.

Na so voters dey go the polls on Tuesdays go pick president, parliament and regional representatives. Dia current Presido, Uhuru Kenyatta dey contest with opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Final polls don show tight race between both candidates after months of campaigning where dia supporters dey attack demselves for social media.

The way dem take kill one senior official for dia electoral commission last weekend come cause anoda kata kata.

Dem come survey about 2,000 Kenyans through mobile phone messaging come find out say every 9 out of 10 respondents dey see fake news and half of dem get the news for social media.

“Fake news dey bring big problem for Kenya,” na so Alphonce Shiundu, wey be Kenya editor of Africa Check talk.

Facebook wey get over seven million monthly users for Kenya go see the new tool wey go help dem know better gist.

The new tool go get adverts for newspapers and radio stations. The announcements go be for both English and the local Swahili language.

Fake news, wey be say na website owners dey bring an come so dem go fit carry readers go dia sites do dem go fit generate advertising revenue, start for the U.S. presidential election in 2016.

The matter don become big political topic for Europe where French voters go dey hear false stories ahead of dia presidential election for May and Germany come start one plan to fine social media networks if they no remove all those nonsense before dia elections for September.

Facebook don come fight back as dem go lock fake user accounts, limit spam and reduce links to suspect pages.

Ebele Okobi, Director of Policy at Facebook Africa talk say “People want see correct information for Facebook,”

Kenya electoral commission talk say dem sef na victim of online fake news. Example of fake election news for Kenya na the photo of one bridge wey wan fall for section of new 3.2 billion dollars railway wey Kenyatta touts talk say na one of him main achievements, Africa Check said.

Fake document wey dey claim say the company wey organize one elevision debate wey Kenyatta snub say na Odinga allies get am na also example of fake news, na so the organization talk.

Shinundu talk say

“From the kind things wey we don dey see online, on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and websites wey no allow the real news sites work, you go know say fake news plenty”


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