Falz don react to di ban wey NBC keep onto him music, “Dis is Nigeria”

Falz react yan say, “Dis is Nigeria, everyone is living, every one is a criminal, so dis one be vulgar word”.

Falz yan say, e never start oo, say di vulgar word just dey Start.

As e dey, plenty artiste wey Yemi Alade follow yan say, if dem ban am for radio, dem go project am for dia television.

Di mata be say, NBC wey be National Broadcasting Commission, ban Falz music wey him call, “Dis is Nigeria”.

Him use dis music show di bad bad corruption wey dey hapun for Nigeria.

And also, di music make hausa people to vex based on say, him use dia cloth do di video.

As e dey, NBC don already fine some radio stations #100k based on say dem play di music for air.

NBC yan say dem fine di stations 100k based on say di music be vulgar music.

True true, di music no carry vulgar words  but na based on say, e dey attack di government and Nigeria with truth.


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