Fatty liver as doctors don tokam, no get any drug for hospital wey d cure am or drug wey dem d use to treat am, if nobi through natural ways, wey dey good pass drugs.

E dey self, if we go d use natural food d treat ourselves weneva we get dey sick.

No go take any drug for fatty liver matta, wey go kill you, as e no get drug at all, at all.

Human liver dey for upper right for human belly, wey dem d call abdomen. E d remove nyamanyama wey your bodi no fit take, and d help our bodi to process food wey we take and dem nutrients.

D liver d make blood wey dey our bodi to dey pure before e go travel go oda Places wey dey our body.

Fatty liver na d wahala wey your liver get, wen e node break fat wey dey for your body, and plenty of dem kom dey ontop d liver. Fatty liver na wen your liver kom carry fats plenty for cell as d thing be common problem wey people d complain for d coutry wey we dey.

E dey normal for liver to get fat, but no dey good, wen e get more dan 10% for our liver, e go turn problem to our bodi.

E go causd damage for our bodi, wen e get injury based on sey, fat don make am no d function well, as oyibo people call am, steatohepatitis, wey d cause damage for liver.

Alcohol, sometimes, d cause fatty liver as d name be-Alcoholic steatohepatitis. 

Fatty liver as e be, go make your liver dey hard, and go even make am fail.

Things wey cause fatty liver:

Wen you eat things wey get oil plenty or fat or wetin oyibo d call, calories, e go make fats kom stay ontop our liver, as d liver nogo get power again e go use d break d fats wey go dey for liver.

Risk Wey Dey For Fatty Liver:

People wey get fatty liver dey(30-70)yrs and people wey dey fat well well. De risk wey dey for fatty liver, na:

* Your body go dey heavy for you.

*You go dey fat wey go pass normal 30%bodi mass.

*You go get diabetes (sugar diseases).

*You go get hot bodi, and you go get red eyes.

How you go treat Fatty liver:

1. Bitter leaf juice:

If you get fatty liver, just d take bitterleaf juice (3-4times),a day. You go d use small cup d take am, and for 28days,you dey kamkpe. 

2. Lemon:

Lemon be fruit wey contain high vitamin c, webi antioxidant as e d help liver d produce enzymes wey dem d call glutathione. Lemon d help liver to d remove nyamanyama wey dey liver.

3.Green Tea

Green tea wey get high density d help liver function well as e d filter fats wey dey for liver and d help liver d function well. You go drink 3-4cups everyday. If you like d one wey dey for capsules or tablet, e dey beta too.

4. Paw-Paw seed:

If you get pawpaw seed, dry am, and grind am well, and mix am with lemon.

Take d pawpaw seed, two times a day for one month, you go carry goat go give thanks to baba God for church.


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