National Council For transportation, don approve wetin dem call “Bicycle Riding Project”, wey go dey carry people for Capital territory, Abuja (FCT).

Person wey be Minister for transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, don yan am for Sokoto, on Monday, September 4th, as him dey tok for d meeting, wey National Council For transportation get, wey concern how people dey waka, wey go reduce “Hold-Up”, for road , and go make Naija people dey good for body.

“National Council for transportation for Naija, be people wey don approve bicycle riding, for FCT. Dis na based on sey, Abuja be city wey get materials for bicycle ”

” For other states, wey go want do am, we go give dem d material, wey dem go take do am,. We wan make bicycle people dey different place, from people wey dey ride motor, based on sey, motor people no get patience ”

” As e don be, we don decide sey, make we do am fir Abuja, based on sey, Bicycle roads dey Abuja ”

” Any state, wey wan do, go provide roads for bicycle first, before dem do am”. 



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