Federal government don conclude say, dem go sell dia national theatre, NNPC, and other power plants for dia country, Nigeria.

Wetin make dem wan sell dis things be say dem wan get money wey dem go use fund 2018-2020 budget.

– Di person wey talk am be director-general for Budget Office for Federation, Ben Akabueze

Ben Akubueze talk say, Federal Government don plan to sell dia national assets wey include, NNPC, National Theater, and other things wey dem go use di money put for 2018-2020 budget. Na wetin Akubueze talk on Monday, November 27th.

Akabueze talk am for public hearing wey House of Representatives joint committees do on top 2018-2020 Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and Fiscal Strategy Paper.

Di matta be say, Buhari administration no know how dem go fund national budget again and dem start dey find something to sell.

Based on wetin him talk, di main di main government property , wey be, National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP) plants, national parks, and National Arts Theatre and Tafawa Balewa Square wey Lagos, dey for market now, based on say dem wan use am put for 2018 budget.

Him also talk say, non-core assets wey go come from mines and steel sector, federal government- owned buildings and estates follow for di one dem go sell.

Him talk say di money wey dem go get from dis things go dey big to fund budget,especially to pay for di money we dem owe wey be N2,005 trillion.

Di matta be say dis man talk say dem dey get small money from di assets and If dem sell am, e go help dem get plenty money wey go reduce di money dem dey borrow everytime.

Other people wey present something for di event, be minster for state for national planning; Hajia Zainab Ahmed, executive chairman, Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS); Dr Tunde Fowler, permanent secretary, ministry of finance, Alhaji Mohammed Isa Dutse and representatives for di Central Bank wey dey Nigeria and di Nigeria Customs Service.

But for di matter, managing director for Ibom power company limited, Engineer Meyen Etukudo, no support di privatization on top Nigeria power sector, as him talk say dem still need money also to put for di sector.

Etukudo talk am after dem give am big award for engineering profession in Nigeria (fellowship) by di Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) on Friday, October 20.

Etukudo talk say, dem no get money for di power plants and Federal Government no dey give dem money.
Him talk say.
“Make una go and look back , make una look for generation companies, how dem dey pay for gas? , where di money dey dem go use pay? How dem go turn around maintenance wen di money no dey ?

“As e dey today, power people no fit give power wey reach 50% power to di people wey dey use am in Nigeria, so, as e dey, we still get work for di privatisation, and we still need money wey we go use put for di power ”


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