FIFA ethics watchdogs don ban 3 former football officials wey from Guam, Nicaragua and Venezuela for life as part of dia efforts to take comot all d badness and yama yama wey dey for sport.

D latest officials wey FIFA knack dis ban na Richard Lai, wey be d former Guam Football Association Presido and former member for d FIFA Audit and Compliance Committee.

Odaz na Julio Rocha wey be d former Nicaraguan Football Association Presido and former development officer, Rafael Esquivel wey be former Venezuelan  Football Association Presido.

Lai bin plead guilty sey him bin take one million dollars from people wey wan buy influence and sey even ogbonge international Olympic committe member Ahmad-al-sabah of Kuwait bin dey implicated too.

Rocha and Esquivel bin also plead guilty sey dem bin take bribes to help award media and marketing rights including World cup qualifiers with regional tournaments like COPA America.

All d 3 men b don plead guilty for d separate federal charges wey be from wire fraud to racketeering and money lauderering dem.



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