Ogbonge boxing megastar, Floyd Mayweather don dey tell people wey dey close to am sey hin dey consider to fight again ooo like dis and dis one don make am dey train like mad person for gym.

Buh we dey hear sey no official movement don dey yet buh people wey dey close to am talk sey Floyd still dey good fighting shape and still dey ready to go. . . and sey imm bin even post video wey imm dey gym dey train for Vegas as e dey him mind to enter ring back.

People dey also talk sey d match fit follow be rematch with Conor McGregor after d kind money wey dem make for d first match.

When dem bin also contact showtime sports person Stephen Espinoza who bin dey involved for d first match wella make dem for know whether anything dey on board now, imm talk sey nothing dey happen for now buh sey hin no dey rule out sey something go happun for future.

Mayweather till dis day don win all hin whole 51fights hands down.



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