Babatunde Fowler,  Oga Chairman for the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) talk say make Nigerians dey declare tax always and make we make am part of our lifestyle

Him talk say if person dey earn N2 million and come get house wey cost N50 million, come get car ontop wey cost N10 million, the people wey dey in charge of tax go ask am questions o,

Him talk this one when him talk on the voluntary asset and income declaration scheme (VAIDS) on Arise Tv,  Oga Fowler talk say “ Dis country need this tax to develop too, say nobody go develop Nigeria except we start to dey develop am”

 Him come still talk dey give example say “If you talk say you get car wey cost N10,million, come get house wey cost reach N50 million, your clothes, watch , suit and tie maybe e cost reach 1 million naira and you come declare say you dey earn N2 million , the question go be if you dey earn that small amount yearly , how you take buy the house, come buy the car and all that expensive suit and wrist watch ?”Na these questions we dey ask , but we believe sey Nigerians fit dey law abiding”

 Him come talk say the schemely wey dem just launch wey dem call (VAIDS) dey offer plenty chance for all Nigerians to come forward, come declare how much be the profit wey dem dey make and the asset dem don get and pay the tax wey due dem.

As him take talk am say this pattern go free plenty people or person from paying penalties or come get wahala , say e go make everybody better country man


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