D fuel supply situation for dis country don turn from worse enter worstest as queue for motorists dey grow longer and longer unto say dey wan buy petrol, for Lagos, Ogun, Kwara and oda states of d federation, even d Federal Capital Territory sef. 

News people don gather say many of d private depots for Apapa, Lagos, where many marketers dey get petroleum products from for distribution to oda states, bin no even get PMS while dose ones wey bin get dey do“skeletal loading.”

Fuel queues, wey just show for some parts of d country on Monday after more dan one year of relief from scarcity of petroleum products for d country, na so dey just full roads for Lagos and Ogun states on Tuesday, cause terrible holdup. 

PUNCH gather say many depots for Apapa bin no get petroleum products on Tuesday, while d few wey bin get bin record low activities.

D ex-depot prices wey d depots kon dey charge for PMS kon range from N139 to N143 per litre, compared to d official ex-depot price of N133.28.

Motorists and oda consumers of petrol kom set complain about d latest round of fuel scarcity, some even talk say e fit be plan for dem to increase d pump price of d product.

Dey kon dey wonder why d latest crisis kom show now we Naija people dey prepare for d Christmas and New Year festivities.

Na so motor just full major roads like Ikorodu Road, Agege Motor Road, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway and Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Some of dem even kon dey fight make dem fit reach d pumps at least, while fuel attendants and ‘area boys’ just start to dey make mago mago business from desperate motorists wey bin wan jump queues make dem for do fast fast go. For one filling station sef for Ogba, d attendants just full d gates dey collect 1k from each motorist before dey allow dem inside.

Last week, d Independent Petroleum Markers Association of Nigeria, Lagos State chapter, bin accuse d Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation say dem no supply dia members with enough petrol.

D association kon yan say NNPC dey follow frustrate dia members as dem kon dey go back on dia bulk purchase agreement wey dey sign with dem to supply d product at N133.28 per litre.

D Executive Secretary, Depot and Petroleum Products Marketers Association, Mr. Olufemi Adewole, kon say d increase in price of crude oil don cause corresponding rise in d prices of refined products.

One top official for one of d depots for Lagos, wey say make dem no show him name o, say d supply dislocations go take days to disappear.

Him say,

 “We still dey do skeletal loading; no depot wan go out of stock completely because say e no good for business. As of today, e no get any vessel wey dey dispend PMS from d Apapa jetty, except d one for Oando SPM.

“Dem still dey owe marketers 2016 subsidy claims. No sane marketer go put him money down now to import petrol. Nobody dey talk about when dem go pay d subsidy arrears; so everybody now dey rely on d NNPC. Also, d landing cost of petrol don increase.”

For Calabar, wey be d capital of Cross River State, major petrol stations bin dey sell PMS to customers at d pump price of N145 per litre.

Na few filling stations bin sell d product for N150 per litre.

Dem observe say majority of d independent petroleum outlets bin don stop to dey sell as at 5pm on Tuesday. A source yan say d outlets prefer to dey sell dia product to black market operators at night.

For Ilorin, d Kwara State capital, dem never start to dey experience d fuel scarcity for dia metropolis as all d filling stations dey sell at d government regulated prices.

Panic-buying of petrol bin dey for Ado Ekiti as motorists bin dey rush to filling stations to stock up d product.

As of 4pm on Tuesday, d situation bin dey normal for filling stations along Bank Road for Ado Ekiti, even franchise station of d Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

Filling stations for Uyo, Akwa ibom state bin dey operate normally as queues bin no dey for dia. However, some stations dey sell d petrol for N150 instead of N145 per litre.

For Abuja and Nasarawa State, motorists bin dey wait for long queues for many hours to buy petrol.

Along d Kubwa-Zuba Expressway for Abuja, many motorists bin form queues in front of d NNPC mega station and d NIPCO filling station located on d road, while dem see many others for some stations around Madalla and Suleja for Niger State.

Filling stations for Akure, Ondo State capital, and some oda towns bin also get long queues of vehicles as d petrol scarcity wey hit d state since Monday kon worsen on Tuesday.

D Senate on Tuesday kom summon d NNPC GMD as d matter kon dey worry dem. Dem say make dem appear before dia Committee on Petroleum Resources (Downstream) on Thursday over d rising scarcity of PMS across d country.

Baru fail to appear before d committee on Tuesday, wey kon make dem reschedule d meeting and dem expect am to explain wetin cause d scarcity.



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