Social media people don  dey vex for Ghana based on say, Ghana government don talk say, dem nogo allow people to dey register one kind name wey be  titles for dia birth certificate on top di death and birth registerying.

John Agbeko wey be Registrar for di Births and Deaths agency explain say native names like Nana, Nii and Togbe no really be names but na titles for traditional leaders. Agbeko say dem wan try use am control di way citizens for Ghana dey give names.

Some Ghanaians Don  provoke for social media as dem begin complain say di registry dey approve English names but dem dey against local Ghanaian names.

Plenty people don complain say anytime dem try add names like Nana, Torgbui, Nii, Maame to dia pikin names, di registry no go gree.

Di registry deny say dem dey against local names but if person wan choose local and English name, di English name go come first before di local name based on say,  Ghana be English-speaking country.

Di ban don affect some adults wey wan do birth certificate but don already dey answer names like Nana and Nii because dem go need swear affidavit.


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