Di leader of di Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu don expose how Nigerian Army wan kill am for Abia. tori person, Faithful Ihechiluru gather say Nigeria army come him house to kill am and him family.

Dem no succeed, but dem kill him only cousin, Adaku.

Him talk say, IPOB stand with fayose as him dry trial. Him thank Asari Dokubo and say him be brother.

Nnamdi Kanu talk am say: “I wan send my solidarity to @GovAyoFayose and tell am say Biafra will stand with him for dis hour of need.”

“We go get special place for am in Biafra, I thank all my sureties wey stand by me, as e nobi my mind to stay away ”

“Nnamdi Kanu yan say, dem plan to kill am based on say him court matter no get head.”

“True true, Nigerian government no get case against am, but dem wan kill am based on truth wet him talk.”

“Kanu come yan say, no IPOB member go follow do any election again.”

“I decree say South East or South South Nigeria no dey again, dia name go be Biafra.”

“If referendum no det, nothing go happen for Nigeria.”

“IPOB nogo follow chook hand for any election and di order nogo never change”


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